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Bookmark Flash is a multi-language supported software. Below are the supported language files for it.


  Chinese Simplefied  
  Chinese Traditional for Ver 2.6 Translated by Matt
  Italian for Ver 1.5 Translated by Bruno
  Turkish for Ver 2.6 Translated by Ali Koc
  Turkish for Ver 2.7 Translated by Hacı Dilemek


How to use the language file ?

1. Download the needed language file to local

2. Run Bookmark Flash software , click main menu item : Tools -> Language -> Load Language File , then locate the needed language file .



Don't see your language on the list?

Translating Bookmark Flash into your own language, We'd present you the serial number!


How to do the translation?

  1. Download English.ini to local and open it with NotePad .
  2. Translate to your heart's content! These are all the words and phrases of the Bookmark Flash interface. Just replace the English one with the correctly translated words after the "=". Type only in single lines! Just keep typing in one long line for those longer phrases...,"return" and "enter" will cause problems.
  3. Click "Save As" and name the file as the new language (Swedish.ini, Romanian.ini, etc.),save the file in Bookmark Flash language folder.
  4. Now it's done! Just click Tools -> Language -> Load Language file , select your new language , all is OK!
  5. E-mail your translation to ! We'd send you the serial number of Bookmark Flash !

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